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Suomutunturi summer season 2021 starts from July onwards. 

Suomutunturi finished its winter season and is preparing for the summer season.

Suomutunturi hotel will open again on the 1st of July. We follow recommendations on stopping the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chalet holiday apartments are available all the time.

Not all clouds are black and not every sky is blue. Suomutunturi area is calm, beautiful and idyllic. Suomutunturi area for hiking and cycling or even swimming on the lake serves outdoor enthusiast.

It is good to be here.

You are most welcome in summer season to see what is new and to enjoy free time and action-packed sports. Slope side terrace is for the hotties.

Suomutunturi staff


Our De Luxe rooms and Suites can be booked in our reservation site.   We are happy to help you by email or by phone +358(0)207199120.

Experience the genuinely natural

In the Finnish Lapland, in the middle of forests and open wilderness you will find Suomutunturi, a peaceful luxury ski resort. Suomutunturi is a 410 meters high fell situated in Kemijärvi. The Suomu ski center opened in 1965, making it one of the first ski centers in Finnish Lapland.

Suomu has remained a genuine Lapland holiday resort. The new high-quality hotel forms a good base for long-term development. The guiding principle of the development is respect for the surrounding nature. The Arctic Circle runs through Suomu. Crossing the Arctic Circle has always involved mysticism. The variation from the polar night to the midnight sun fascinates people all over the world. The thousands of photographs taken each year by the Arctic Circle sign take the message of Suomu’s northern location also to people on social media. The Suomu tourism region is quite loose. At Suomu, you’re in the heart of nature right after opening your door. Suomu is a place for families. Domestic reindeer greet arrivals at the gate. The easy children’s runs are perfectly suited for beginning little ski rascals. More experienced children can even be allowed to ski on their own, as the area is very easy to perceive and the hotel sun terrace has a view of almost the entire ski run area.


The wind-sheltered ski slopes of Suomutunturi are aptly referred to as one of the best in Finland. There are different slopes for all skill levels from the beginner’s green to the master’s black level. In Suomu you will also find wide slopes for carving and a snow park. The ski center, designed for the whole family, has a total of 10 ski slopes, of which the longest is 1700 meters long. There are three black slopes: Kisarinne, Pukkelikko and Martti. There are four challenging red slopes: Keskirinne, Välirinne and snow park, Revontuli (Northern Lights) and Suomurinne. There is one blue slope: Kotarinne and two Green ones: Ässärinne and Uuno. There is also a snow park for children.

The dense conifers offer good protection from mountain winds, which usually guarantees an enjoyable skiing experience. Suomu is the home center of many top skiers. Mogul skiing Olympic Champion and World Champion Janne Lahtela, Olympic bronze medalist and World Championship silver medalist Sami Mustonen and their role model, World Cup winner and world championship bronze medalist Martti Kellokumpu all learned their skills at Suomu. Martti, Janne and Sami all began their careers at the easy children’s runs of Suomu. It is also the beginning of the journey for future champions and those who enjoy skiing, which will be easiest with the help of a skiing instructor. The hotel’s sun terrace overlooks the children’s slope.

All lift tickets are issued on 7 € keycards, which are automatically read at the lift gate. The Keycard is rechargeable, and it can be used at all ski resorts using the SkiData ticketing.

A beautiful harmony of style and untamed nature

The rugged nature of Lapland is impressive around the year. Enjoying the beauty of the wide spaces and breathing the cleanest air in the world will also purify the mind. After a strong experience of nature and exercise, it is nice to eat food made out of the clean ingredients of Lapland. At night, you’ll sleep comfortably on the soft bed of a really stylish room of a hotel where all rooms have large windows with a view of the ski runs, which will extend the day’s experience of nature until the arrival of the Sandman. If you like to invest into your holiday, choose the 70 m2 Suomu-suite, equipped with a sauna, and a stunning view of the slopes. Alternatively, you can choose a spacious and elegant 35 m2 De Luxe room, some of which are handicap accessible. All hotel rooms are equipped with high-quality Finlayson beds and mattress pads, which adapt to body temperature, free internet access and drying cabinets for clothes.

VIP Sauna and conference room

A luxurious sauna at the very foot of the slope, on the shore of a pond. For meetings, gatherings, sauna evenings, special occasions. Two saunas, a sitting room, a kitchen and a fireplace.
Meeting equipment: flip chart, video projector, screen.
Sauna menu and catering for meetings according to your wishes.

Speed or perfect peace

Snowshoe walking is probably the best way of experiencing the perfect peace of the nature of Lapland. At Suomu, reaching perfect silence takes no more than a few minutes. Nature’s own sounds will then truly awaken the snowshoe walker’s hearing – the wind, the wood grouse or the Siberian jay. Nature offers chords that send even the busiest mind on a vacation. From the top of a fjeld opens a view to the wildland that extends as far as the eye can see.

Well-maintained cross-country skiing tracks are a matter of honor for Suomu. The track network is large and there are track profiles for skiers of all levels. The most popular route is the illuminated track around the Suomutunturi fjeld. While skiing on it, you’ll notice how different the fjeld looks from different angles.

Suomu also has an excellent network of snowmobile routes. The easiest way to learn the secrets of snowmobiling is a guided safari. For those who are into the sport, there are large and well-guided routes that you can use to reach places like Vilmavaara or Salla. The most talked about experiences at Suomu have remained the same for centuries: the northern lights of winter and the midnight sun of summer.

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